House of Stuart

House of Stuart                                                Buried                                                                  James i                         1603-1625                          Westminster                                                       Charles i                       1625-1649                          Windsor                                               Commonwealth          1649- until ‘Restoration’ 1660                                                                     Charles ii                      1660-1685                          Westminster                                                   James ii (deposed)     1685-1689                          Paris                                                                   William & Mary          1689-1702                          Westminster                                                       Anne                              1702-1714                           Westminster

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House of Hanover

House of Hanover                                         Buried                                                                George i                          1714-1727                       Hanover                                                           George ii                         1727-1760                      Westminster                                                 George iii                        1760-1820                     Windsor                                                               George iv                        1820-1830                     Windsor                                                       William iv                       1830-1837                     Windsor                                                           Victoria                           1837-1901                      Frogmore

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House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha

House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha                   Buried                                                            Edward vii                         1901-1910                      Windsor

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House of Windsor

House of Windsor                                         Buried                                                          George v                               1910-1936                 Windsor                                                             Edward viii (Abdicated)    Jan-Dec 1936           Frogmore                                                             George vi                              1936-1952                  Windsor                                                     Elizabeth ii                           1952-

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Battle Abbey – Conquest – 1066

Battle Abbey 2   Battle Abbey 1

The Battle of Hastings was fought on ‘Senlac Hill’ some ten miles from the town on October 14th 1066. The two armies were led by William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold – King of England. Above and below are views of the battle site.

Battle Abbey 4   Battle Abbey 3

Battle Abbey 5    Battle Abbey 6

Below, is the slab laid down on the spot where King Harold fell and died. It was later to be the site of the High Altar of the Abbey Church that William had built to commemorate his victory. William was crowned King on Christmas Day 1066.

Battle Abbey 8    Battle Abbey 7

The monument below was erected in 1903 by a French Society – ‘Le Souvenir Normand’ – and stands a few yards away from where Harold was killed. An approximate translation is:

                                                                            ‘God is with us                                                                        Into the historic field of Senlac where fell the brave Harold the Saxon, 837 years after         the battle which gave Norman Law to Great Britain, Le Souvenir Normand come from the edges of the Seine and proclaim with joy the peace of Normandy’s Sisters.’

Souvenir Normand 2    Souvenir Normand 1

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King Stephen was buried in the now demolished Faversham Abbey next to the present Parish Church of St Mary of Charity, seen below.

Stephen Faversham    Stephen Faversham 2

A brass memorial plate reads: ‘In memory of Stephen, King of England, buried at Faversham ADMCLIV’ (1154).

Stephen 3     Stephen 1

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Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral can be seen through this link and below left and right:

Canterbury 2     Canterbury 1

Canterbury Interior     Canterbury Interior 2

Bodley Pulpit

Below: the site on which Thomas Becket – Archbishop of Canterbury – was murdered in 1170 after a misunderstood outburst by King Henry ii – ‘will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?’ His name is dramatically engraved in the pavement in front of the Altar.

St Thomas     Thomas

Below left: the tomb of Edward the Black Prince (of Wales) – ‘ich dien‘, 1330-1376, son of Edward iii.

Canterbury Tomb 2           Canterbury Tomb

Above right, the tomb of Henry iv 1399-1413. His body was taken from London to Canterbury by boat when a storm arose. It is said that the superstitious sailors threw his body overboard, substituting another. An examination of the coffin in 1823 gave strength to this legend, as clothing, absence of regalia and other signs, all pointed to a commoner’s burial.

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Westminster Abbey & The Tower of London

Below is a list of the sixteen English Monarchs (and Mary Queen of Scots) buried in Westminster Abbey and Royalty buried in St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London:

Edward the Confessor                 1042-1066                                                                                         Henry iii                                         1216-1272                                                                                 Edward i                                         1272-1307                                                                                       Edward iii                                       1327-1377                                                                                       Richard ii                                        1377-1399                                                                                         Henry v                                            1413-1422                                                                                     Edward v                                         1483- 2 months                                                                               Henry vii                                         1485-1509                                                                                     Edward vi                                        1547-1553                                                                                         Mary i                                               1553-1558                                                                               Mary Queen of Scots                                                                                                                              Elizabeth i                                        1558-1603                                                                                       James i                                             1603-1625                                                                                       Charles ii                                          1660-1685                                                                           William & Mary                              1689-1702                                                                                       Anne                                                  1702-1714                                                                                       George ii                                           1727-1760

Tower of London                                                                                                                                 Anne Boleyn                                   2nd wife of Henry viii                                                       Catherine Howard                       5th wife of Henry viii                                                                 Lady Jane Grey                            nine day Queen 

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Westminster Abbey

Sixteen English Monarchs (and Mary Queen of Scots) are buried in Westminster Abbey. First, however, a number of views taken en-route to the Abbey.  Below left: my ‘headquarters’, and right: Admiral Nelson.

My HQ     Admiral Nelson

Viscount Montgomery    Cenotaph

Above left: Viscount Montgomery and right: the Cenotaph.  Below left: Horseguards, and right: Buckingham Palace.

Horse Guards     Buckingham Palace

Below left: the Houses of Parliament, and right: the Sovereign’s Entrance.

Houses of Parliament     Sovereigns Entrance


Above: Cromwell.

Photography in Westminster Abbey is prohibited and, although I visited every Royal Tomb, I am only able to provide a selection of links (below) to online photographs. A full list of Monarchs buried in Westminster Abbey is provided on the ‘post’ above this one.

These links will take you to: the West Front, The Nave, Coronation Chair, (the Stone of Scone which occupied the space beneath the seat was returned to Scotland in recent years), The Choir, Elizabeth I (her half-sister Mary i is buried in the same vault but there is no monument), Henry vii Chapel (beneath which are several more royal vaults), Mary Queen of Scots and the tomb of King Edward the Confessor (who built the Abbey).

The only photograph that was allowed (below), was one of myself, after having played the five manual organ which has 106 stops including some organists’ ‘dream’ stops such as a thirty two foot double Ophicleide and Bombarde’s and Clarions.

Roger Smith

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The Tower of London

The Tower of London was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and within it is the Jewel House in which the Crown Jewels of the Realm are held.

It was also for many centuries, a prison and place of execution for the nobility and some Royalty. Lesser mortals were not afforded the privacy and dignity of being beheaded in the precincts of the Tower, but were removed to Tower Hill for despatch in front of large noisy crowds who had arrived early for the ‘entertainment’.

The White Tower and Tower Bridge can be viewed through these links.  Below left: Traitors’ Gate, and right: the Changing the Guard at the Jewel House.

Traitors Gate     Guard Jewel House

Below left: the Site of the Scaffold, and right: the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (‘St Peter without chains’ wherein those executed were buried):

Scaffold     Chapel St PadV

Below: the Altar in the Chapel beneath which are the mortal remains of Anne Boleyn (second wife of Henry viii), Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry viii) and Lady Jane Grey (the nine day Queen).

Chapel Altar

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