Battle Abbey – Conquest – 1066

Battle Abbey 2   Battle Abbey 1

The Battle of Hastings was fought on ‘Senlac Hill’ some ten miles from the town on October 14th 1066. The two armies were led by William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold – King of England. Above and below are views of the battle site.

Battle Abbey 4   Battle Abbey 3

Battle Abbey 5    Battle Abbey 6

Below, is the slab laid down on the spot where King Harold fell and died. It was later to be the site of the High Altar of the Abbey Church that William had built to commemorate his victory. William was crowned King on Christmas Day 1066.

Battle Abbey 8    Battle Abbey 7

The monument below was erected in 1903 by a French Society – ‘Le Souvenir Normand’ – and stands a few yards away from where Harold was killed. An approximate translation is:

                                                                            ‘God is with us                                                                        Into the historic field of Senlac where fell the brave Harold the Saxon, 837 years after         the battle which gave Norman Law to Great Britain, Le Souvenir Normand come from the edges of the Seine and proclaim with joy the peace of Normandy’s Sisters.’

Souvenir Normand 2    Souvenir Normand 1

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