The Tower of London

The Tower of London was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and within it is the Jewel House in which the Crown Jewels of the Realm are held.

It was also for many centuries, a prison and place of execution for the nobility and some Royalty. Lesser mortals were not afforded the privacy and dignity of being beheaded in the precincts of the Tower, but were removed to Tower Hill for despatch in front of large noisy crowds who had arrived early for the ‘entertainment’.

The White Tower and Tower Bridge can be viewed through these links.  Below left: Traitors’ Gate, and right: the Changing the Guard at the Jewel House.

Traitors Gate     Guard Jewel House

Below left: the Site of the Scaffold, and right: the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula (‘St Peter without chains’ wherein those executed were buried):

Scaffold     Chapel St PadV

Below: the Altar in the Chapel beneath which are the mortal remains of Anne Boleyn (second wife of Henry viii), Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry viii) and Lady Jane Grey (the nine day Queen).

Chapel Altar

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