Northampton’s Connections cont.

‘Delepre’ Abbey. The cortege of Queen Eleanor, wife of King Edward i, Delapre Abbeystayed overnight on its journey to London in 1290. In 1460, the Abbey was the location of the Battle of Northampton.



Below: the west front of Peterborough Cathedral and the tomb of Katharine of Aragon – first wife of King Henry viii.

Peterborough Cathedral     Queen Katharine    Queen Katharine 2

Holdenby House – temporary ‘home’ of Charles i.    Holdenby      Naseby

The battlefield of Naseby, above right.  Below: the obelisk commemorates the battlesite at Naseby in 1645.  The monument marks the place from which Oliver Cromwell and his troops made the final and decisive charge in the Battle of Naseby.

Naseby Obilisk      Naseby Monument

Diana – Princess of Wales, was laid to rest on the island in the middle of the lake at her family’s home – Althorp – in 1997.

Diana Memorial     Island

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