Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral can be seen through this link.  Below left: a view of Gloucester’s acclaimed ‘cloisters’.  Below right: Robert, Duke of Normandy. He was the eldest son of William the Conqueror and succeeded his father as Duke of Normandy, while his younger brother, William (Rufus) ruled England.

Cloister     Duke of Normandy

Conflict between the brothers cost Robert the Duchy of Normandy and after twenty eight years’ imprisonment in England, he died in 1134.

Below left: the plaque commemorating the burial site of King Edward ii (1307-1327) and right, the tomb of King Edward ii.

Edward burial site     Edward II tomb

His peculiar friendship with one ‘Piers Gaveston’ led to the latter’s summary execution and the simultaneous abdication of Edward in favour of his son (to be Edward iii). A reigning King and an ex-King could not be, and so Edward ii was murdered at Berkeley Castle in 1327 by thrusting a red hot poker via a funnel into his rectum and intestines thus removing any visible signs of treachery.

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