Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral can be seen through this link and below left and right:

Canterbury 2     Canterbury 1

Canterbury Interior     Canterbury Interior 2

Bodley Pulpit

Below: the site on which Thomas Becket – Archbishop of Canterbury – was murdered in 1170 after a misunderstood outburst by King Henry ii – ‘will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?’ His name is dramatically engraved in the pavement in front of the Altar.

St Thomas     Thomas

Below left: the tomb of Edward the Black Prince (of Wales) – ‘ich dien‘, 1330-1376, son of Edward iii.

Canterbury Tomb 2           Canterbury Tomb

Above right, the tomb of Henry iv 1399-1413. His body was taken from London to Canterbury by boat when a storm arose. It is said that the superstitious sailors threw his body overboard, substituting another. An examination of the coffin in 1823 gave strength to this legend, as clothing, absence of regalia and other signs, all pointed to a commoner’s burial.

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  1. I checked with the Garter Chapel at Windsor. At least the following K.G.s are numbered among my Ancestors: – Edward III, Founder and 1st Sovereign of the Order – Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence – Edward Plantagenet, Duke of York – Sir Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent – Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent – Henry Bouchoi, 1st Earl of Essex – Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Barron – Thomas, Marquis of Dorset. the descent running through the following families: Plantagenet, Bouchier, Vernon, Worthesley, Spencer, Moore, Rockfort, Lambast, & Price. With very many thanks for your kind support to the Garter Chapel. -Graeme Thomas Kilshaw

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